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Our vision is to create an environment that understands and unites individuals with a common aim of becoming the healthiest and strongest versions of themselves.


We strive to provide a constantly evolving, ongoing gym environment that incorporates the latest fitness equipment without ever confining the space to a particular mindset.


Motivation and Accountability
Community and Socialising
Clean and Hygienic
Equipment and Space


The new Castle Gym site is host to over 30,000 ft of space! When we acquired the building it was clear that this was meant to outgrow the old Castle Gym.

This site was more than enough to house a gym, so our plan grew into something we never could have foreseen.

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How did we get here? How did Castle Gym Nottingham lose its home? Why did we choose this new venue?

There have been many questions from the community for Luke to answer regarding the loss of Castle Gym Nottingham.

Here is our journey so far…


Castle Gym Nottingham was founded in 1981 and was purchased from the previous owners by Luke Willmott in 2013. The gym was going to close if it didn’t change hands as the facility was run down, old and deteriorating.

Since Luke bought it, it was completely transformed and had over £150k investment into it since the takeover date.

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