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Castle Gym 10.0

The new Castle Gym site is host to over 30,000 ft of space! When we acquired the building it was clear that this was meant to outgrow the old Castle Gym. This site was more than enough to house a gym, so our plan grew into something we never could have foreseen.


Through Omni Group, Castle Gym has become part of a bigger group that will be home to a harmonious trio of businesses. The trio has been built to promote the Omni slogan of Eat Well, Train Hard, Work Smarter. Castle Gym is a key pillar of the group which is inclusive for anyone and everyone to come and become comfortable with the uncomfortable. To be supported through failure and success.


At our core we value our community, we champion health and fitness for Nottinghamshire, and above all, we are inclusive to everyone. Whilst we hold our history close to our hearts, the new Castle Gym 10.0 is completely brand new!

We have introduced a new logo complete with fully new branding. This was a crucial step in our new project as it is key for us to have a more inclusive logo, to create a recognisable brand, and to have a new identity in keeping with our new technology.


Our project still has many stages to complete, but you can keep up to date with the latest announcements by pre-registering today.

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